About Us

Okanagan Ribbons has been providing the award and recognition industry with the finest award and event ribbons since 1987.  We are a major supplier to the retail award and recognition trade in Western Canada, supplying many trophy and engraving stores as well as other retail outlets.

We are committed to the highest standards of quality and service in our industry.  Each and every ribbon we produce is a recognition of achievement and therefore must be of the finest quality.  Beautiful, well made ribbons that symbolize the price of achievement and accomplishment.  Ribbons that any recipient would be proud to wear or display.

We have products ribbons for many sport events, horse shows, pet shows, schools, corporate sponsors, parades, funerals, conventions, exhibitions, and community organizations.  Each and every time we maintain our commitment to quality and service.

Okanagan Ribbons is proud to be a thriving rural Canadian enterprise and supports small business initiatives in rural settings.