Rosette Model 133 1 row pleated ribbon 4" in diameter, 1 center streamer 2" X 8", 2 side streamers 1 5/8" X 8"
Rosette Model 122 1 row of pleated ribbon 4" in diameter. 1 streamer 2" X 8" is mounted on a 2 1/2" X 8 1/2" satin acetate ribbon backing.
Rosette Model 101 1 row of pleated ribbon 4" in diameter. 1 streamer measures 2" X 8".
Rosette Mini The Mini is 1 row of pleated ribbon 3 1/4" diameter. The pleated ribbon and side streamers are only in black or white. The center streamer is 1 5/8" X 6" and the side streamers are 1" X 6".
Horse Neck Ribbon 4 Rows of Pleated Ribbon, 19" Overall Length, 5 Streamers - 1 center streamer 2" X 10", 4 side streamers 1 5/8" X 10"

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We deliver the highest standards of quality and service in our industry.  Okanagan Ribbons is a major supplier for the event & award recognition industry in Western Canada.

Each and every ribbon we produce is a recognition of achievement and therefore, must be of the finest quality.  We produce ribbons for every occasion including pet shows, equestrian events, academic & school achievements, parades, exhibitions, fairs, corporate sponsors, community organizations and every type of sport event.

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